Music on TV: Solid Gold

Solid Gold was a hugely popular American music television program that aired in syndication from 1980 to 1988. Hosted by Dionne Warwick, the show featured a rotating cast of dancers and performers who would lip-sync and dance along to the top pop hits of the week. The show quickly became a cultural phenomenon, with its signature gold outfits, sparkling sets, and infectious energy creating a style all its own.

Each week, the show would count down the top ten hits of the week, along with special performances by both up-and-coming and established artists. Some of the biggest names in music history, such as Madonna, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston, appeared on the show, and many considered a performance on Solid Gold to be a coveted opportunity to showcase their music.

In addition to the music, Solid Gold was also known for its famously attractive lineup of dancers, known as the "Solid Gold Dancers." These dancers became iconic for their matching gold outfits and their impressive choreography. The dancers became immensely popular, and many of them went on to have successful careers in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

But the show was more than just a platform for hit pop songs and dancing – it was also a reflection of the era's fashion and trends. Viewers tuned in each week not just to hear the latest hits, but to see the latest fashions and hairstyles. The show was influential in shaping fashion during the era, and the colorful, glitzy style of Solid Gold made its way into fashion for years to come.

Although the show ended its run in 1988, its cultural impact has lasted through the years. The show managed to capture the infectious energy and excitement of the era, and its influence can still be seen today in the pop music and fashion of the current era. Solid Gold's unique blend of music, dance, fashion, and entertainment will always remain a beloved part of the 80s.

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